Preparation for my 2nd lil Brother

Alhamdulillah after settled my wedding ceremony, now its time to get ready for my 2nd lil bro, Hanif wedding pulak..His solemnization will be on 1 January 2011 at Rawang and our side will be on 9 January 2011. So now me n mak bz menyiapkan bunga pahar and corsage. Corsage done by me and have to settle bunga pahar pulak. Theme color - Grey and White

Pelamin designed by me. Actually before this i want it to be Grey n turquoise theme but its hard to find turqoise fabric for pelamin..end up we choose dark grey n white, actually silver pun ada jugak.

Proses mencari fabric pun susah tau..more than 5 times we went to Nagoya n Kamdar mencari fabric for pelamin.Finally bought kain from Nagoya Carre4 Wangsa maju dibantu oleh mata2 designer Mr Fey Qauz (my dearie le sapa lagi kan ;))so settled pasal fabric for pelamin then mencari paper bag and also other things..

Jalan TAR, surga membeli barang2 perkahwinan n also mcm2 la..last 2weeks nya saturday me, mak n anip we went to Jln TAR..that time manusia punya ramai dimeriahkan pulak ngan Christmas sales..mmg havoc la.. Alhamdulillah sampai malam 80% barang yg dicari dapat..also kain utk buat baju for reception pun dapat.. Grey you hihihi.

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