DOMINO'S PIZZA FLIES HIGH WITH MASWINGS | 12 November 2018 recently marks a momentous occasion for pizza lovers and flight users all over Sabah. Domino’s Pizza and MASwings Sdn. Bhd. (MASwings) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for various initiatives to be undertaken in collaboration especially for the land below the wind.

The MoU is part of Domino’s efforts to spread its love to the people in Sabah, not only in Kota Kinabalu where it currently has three stores but to provide a pizza experience to those travelling to other cities from Kota Kinabalu such as Sandakan and Lahad Datu.  A total of 700 personal pizzas is expected to be served over the next one week starting today on selected flights from Kota Kinabalu and 30,000 discount vouchers will be distributed to MASwings customers on board selected flights and through its ticketing offices.
This collaboration marks Domino’s Pizza as the first Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to serve pizzas to MASwings passengers. The MoU was signed by Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore and Aminuddin Zakaria, Chief Executive Officer of MASwings witnessed by both MASwings and Domino’s Pizza representatives.

Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore remarked, “We are excited and honored to be part of this unique partnership with MASwings. As the regional community airline, they are the perfect partner for us to live up to our purpose of enriching the lives of our customers and community. It is quite a feat to see our pizzas being delivered and served to passengers before boarding their flights! We are happy to be able to serve our pizzas for our fans to enjoy them en-route to their destinations.”

“This partnership is especially close to our hearts as beyond serving our pizzas for MASwings passengers, Domino’s Pizza is also taking the opportunity to acknowledge the Unsung Heroes and the backbone of MASwings operations, their employees. This is a continuation of our acknowledgment and recognition of the engineers, technical support and on-ground support for their dedication in ensuring the safety of passengers even before they step foot on the planes,” she continued.

Aminuddin Zakaria, Chief Executive Officer of MASwings Sdn Bhd said, “I am delighted to have Domino’s Pizza being served to our passengers. Having their popular pizzas is definitely a treat for our passengers as it creates a memorable journey for them. Additionally, we would also like to thank Domino’s for their recognition and generous contribution to 400 of our employees. Being acknowledged as Domino’s Unsung Heroes while performing their duties and responsibilities provides a positive boost to their daily routines and we appreciate Domino’s for thinking of us.”

Through the partnership, MASwings employees will receive express cards from Domino’s and will also be able to enjoy 50% off pizzas from 12 November 2018 – 11 May 2019.  One of MASwings ATR aircraft will also feature Domino’s logo to mark the collaboration.

Additionally, Domino’s Pizza and MASwings will be doing a special pizza delivery to serve rural communities in Sandakan. To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia as well as other ongoing promotions, visit us at

About Domino’s Pizza
Delivering more than 1 million pizzas a day worldwide, Domino’s Pizza is the world’s leading and fastest growing pizza delivery company committed to upholding the industry in product quality and operational excellence. Globally, Domino’s Pizza Inc. operates a total network of more than 14,000 owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and in over 85 markets. Domino’s internationally ranks in the top five companies in online transactions.
As at Q2 2017, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia is the largest Domino’s market in Southeast Asia and fifth largest in Asia Pacific. Established in 1997, Domino’s Malaysia is managed by master franchise holder, Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. To date, there are 226 Domino’s Pizza stores in the country.
At Domino’s Pizza, we take PRIDE in our commitment to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and communities. As one of the most lovable brands in Malaysia, we will go the extra mile for your smile as well as uphold our culture to ‘sell more pizza, have more fun’. Embracing our company’s philosophy of smart hustle, Domino’s is committed to provide customers with the ultimate pizza delivery experience, with its product satisfaction guarantee, 30-minutes delivery guarantee and 15-minutes take-away guarantee.
Forging ahead as an e-commerce entity, Domino’s Pizza has led many firsts in its digital platforms. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has leveraged on the digital world to the best of its advantage and this began when it was certified as the first QSR company to provide an online ordering platform by the Malaysian Book of Records with the launch of its website in 2003. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s online ordering platform is also ranked #1 for its online speed of service in the QSR industry.
Domino’s is the award winner of the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016 Gold Franny Award, a distinguished Achievement Award of the International Franchise Association at the Domino’s Pizza Worldwide Rally. In a show of confidence by Malaysian consumers, Domino’s Pizza won Bronze in the “Restaurant & Fast Food" category of the prestigious Putra Brand Awards 2014, Silver in 2015, Bronze in 2016, Silver in 2017 and Bronze in 2018.
About MASwings
MASwings, East Malaysia’s first commuter airline, caters to the air travel needs of Sabah and Sarawak’s travellers by providing affordable fares, convenient schedules and connections within and across the two states in Borneo as well as FT Labuan.   It supports the aspirations of Sabah, Sarawak and FT Labuan and contributes to the socio-economic development of the region. MASwings also serves destinations in the BIMP-EAGA region such as Brunei and Tarakan (Indonesia).
The airlines’ six DHC-6-400 Twin Otter aircrafts operating out of Miri, form the Rural Air Services, providing a vital lifeline to some of the remotest rural communities in Sarawak. They fly regular scheduled services to 11 rural STOLports (STOL short take-off and landing) many of which are inaccessible by road.
Being a subsidiary of the Malaysian Aviation Group, MASwings also links with Malaysia Airlines Berhad for greater global connectivity.
MASwings was first incorporated on 17 May 2007. It was officially launched and started operations on 01 October 2007. As of today, MASwings serves a total of 24 destinations including into and out of Brunei from Kota Kinabalu on code sharing.
MASwings fleet includes 10 ATR 72-500 and 6 DHC-6-400 Twin Otter aircrafts and is supported with a total staff strength of closed to 438 throughout the whole Sabah, Sarawak and WP Labuan.
MASwings being the airline for the people of Sabah, Sarawak and FT Labuan celebrated its 11th year of operations last October this year.  At this young age of operations, MASwings is proud of the recognition and accolades awarded to date such as Sabah State Special Tourism Minister Award (2013), Sarawak State Hornbill Special Award (2013), Certificates From Viking Air Limited and Pratt & Whitney for MASwings Viking Twin-Otter (2017) and recently two awards from the Malaysia Book of Records (2018) for MASwings under the purview of Ministry of Transport Malaysia being the Rural Air Services (RAS) operator.

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