New Dessert @ IKEA

Last saturday, di ketika Ibu Kota Kuala Lumpur dilanda kekecohan Me, Dearie and his family exclude Along 
arrived IKEA dengan cemerlangnya tanpa kesesakan jalanraya.

My Parents in law mahu mencari somethings dekat sana.
So i so happy la coz dah lama tak makan Meatball dekat cafe.

Its Mine !!!

Grill Salmon for my Dearie

Arrived IKEA, terus ke cafe and my mama in law belanja. Hihihihi

So me bedal 10pcs nyer meat ball and new dessert called ....

Also known as Princessa Cakes – they are AWESOME!  Who ever thought of filling tiny little sponge cakes with cream, then topping them in flourescent yellow marzipan .

Its so YUMMYYYYYY... Think will as my chef to make it..

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